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Jess Brain's Top 3 Tips for Brain Health

Brain health tips with brain health expert Jess Brain | kindroot

This month we sat down with Jess Brain (yes, really!) - a brain fitness coach who shared her brain optimization tips with us:

Jess' brain health boosting tips:

1. Tell us about the work that you do and how you got into it.

I am a brain fitness coach, teaching people diet and lifestyle habits to generate new brain cells! I've been a brain health nerd for about a decade now. I first got into brain optimization when I was in college. TBH I was struggling, so I researched what food I could eat to give my brain a boost and from food I moved into physical exercises that can enhance cognitive performance and now I've added cognitive training to improve cognitive speed, increase memory and encourage more creative thinking.


2. So you are saying we can actually train our brain and affect our performance?

Absolutely! You can improve your brain at any age. The brain needs the right nutrients and stimulation. You can't just generate new brain cells - you need to generate them and then stimulate to keep them happy.


3. What is your favorite brain hack that all of us can start doing now to increase our brain power and resilience?

Eat nutrient dense food and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, like blueberries. Look for supplements that support brain health. And don't forget to laugh! Laughter not only boosts your mood and immune system, but also helps you grow new brain cells.


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About Jess:

Jess Brain is a brain fitness coach, neurobics instructor and laughing yoga leader with certifications in brain-based leadership coaching from The NeuroLeadership Institute, Brain Wellness from The Neuroscience Academy, Brain Health from Cabrillo College, Brain Fitness Coaching from The Spencer Institute and Laughter Yoga from Laughter Yoga International. Jess is a history lover, a wanna be magician and a part-time juggler who is chasing consciousness.


*The views expressed in this document are that of Jess Brain alone. Jess Brain has not received any fee or consultancy payment for this article.

Disclaimer: The information stated in this article is for educational purposes only. The information stated is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. The desire to make any changes to one's dietary habits or supplementation should be consulted and discussed with a licensed medical professional. 

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