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The 4 Must-Haves of a Holistic Herbalist

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We sat down with our friend Rachel Campbell from Seed to Sun Studio to discuss all things holistic health. Rachel is a holistic design expert, herbalist and artist by trade. We talked about some of her inspiration and wellness must-haves. 


What exactly is holistic design and how did you get interested in it?

I realized pretty early on that everything has a system by design; down to our public transportation or the layout of our cities. This means that design is more than just the feel good vibes when you enter a clean space.

Design actually influences how we choose to live our lives on a daily basis. I truly believe the design of a building or a space can affect the way people think, feel and act. I try to take an empathetic approach to design. There is the responsibility I have as a designer, to take into account the holistic effect my work has, not just as an end product, but as a daily relevance to the climate and community we live in.


What’s your number one suggestion for someone trying to live a more holistic wellness lifestyle? 

Everyone has their own innate way of doing things. Stick to your gut and intuition. No one way works for everyone.

My morning routine is a good example of this for me. I start my day in my body, not my head because I am there for the rest of the day. What that looks like is an early morning run, and then meeting myself on the mat. A combination of cardio, pilates and yoga finished by a good stretch is an act of play, but also discipline. In these moments I am soft yet strong. Giving space to these multitudes of myself and just allowing breath and the ability to be is such a gift. Then I am ready to take the world by storm.


What are the holistic ingredients you always have to have in stock? 

My pantry non-negotiables are my mushrooms, Ayurvedic herbal blends, and seaweeds! I’m also a huge fan of chocolate/cocoa.

For mushrooms, I love cordyceps for muscle recovery after a run; reishi, lion’s mane, and chaga are great for cognitive function and overall balance.

The Ayurvedic herbal blends I use the most include Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki (Triphala blend of 3 fruits), Ashwagandha, and Shatavari. These are all anti-inflammatory blend, that are so important for our daily lives of stress.

Seaweeds are also incredibly beneficial, they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants to help prevent cellular damage. Chlorella, spirulina, and a good amount of wakame, kelp, kombu and Irish moss are some of my go-to’s. All of these provide a great source of vitamins and minerals. 

I try to always have nettle, marshmallow root, chamomile, and yacon root (a pleasant prebiotic!) in the house too. These are also anti-inflammatory, marshmallow root is great for digestion and yacon root has prebiotic benefits. 

For me, cacao in the evenings is incredibly grounding. I like to steep Marshmallow root, cacao powder, chaga and yacon. I don’t know where I would be without my mushrooms and chocolate. 

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