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Adaptogems™ by kindroot

lozenges with soft skills

plant powered lozenges to put your body + mind at ease

find your blend

what are adaptogems™, again?

oh, just nurturing adaptogenic plants + aromatic flavors, blended into silky-smooth little lozenges to support sleep, immunity, mood and focus.

our story

formulated by an herbalist + blended by a candy hall-of-fame scientist. (yes, this is a thing!)

your mouthfeelings matter to us.

  • super-sensory flavors paired with purpose.

    each original blend

    enhances the effects.

  • a little aromatherapy in every single one.

    consider it a staycation

    for your brain and body.

  • not another gummy for a really good reason.

    we make your reset moment

    last with a slow, even melt.

  • if we were a song, we’d be a slow jam.

    the texture of each adaptogem is designed to be smooth + soothing.

being sweet to yourself is a big deal.

so when it comes to adaptogems™, we definitely sweat the small stuff.

gluten free

functional ingredients

perfect on-the-go

sensory flavors

2 grams of sugar

from cali with love