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Mood Boosting Desk Guide

Mood boosting desk guide our favorite products | kindroot

We spend lots of time at our desk, so having one that supports your productivity while lifting your mood can make you feel more engaged and productive. Below are some of our favorite items:


 Our desk must haves for great mood

1. Greenery - plants add a living element to your space, help purify air and can make your work area feel more homey:

We love visiting a local nursery, but if convenience is your thing, check out The Sill for all your plant needs.


2. We love all things sensorial, so we are obviously into candles as they provide an element of warmth to our space.

Our favorite is this Sandalwood Rose blend from P.F. Candle Co - a local LA brand.


3. All the talking and typing leaves us chapped, so we always have pampering moisture at our desk - also comes handy for a mini massage during a boring meeting.

Lauren's All Purpose salve is organic, nourishing and made by an amazing female entrepreneur. 


4. And of course, we always have our Mood lozenges nearby to give us the best mouthfeelings!

Kindroot Mood Lozenges in lychee rosewater flavor with maca root and reishi mushroom extracts.

Happy Working!

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