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Summer Packing List

Summer Vacation Packing Tips Chair by the Beach | kindroot

Are you tired of packing the same items for every trip? Or do you bring too many things with you and never use them during vacation.  Here are a few must-haves you can add to your summer packing list that will help you narrow down what you need. 


Portable Chargers

Your phone battery will eventually wear out when you're out all day. Bring a portable charger instead of carrying around your charging block and scavenging for the nearest outlet. You can keep it in your bag and walk around while your phone is charging. 


Bug Spray 

Protect yourself from bug bites by carrying around repellent. This is essential, especially if you're like me and get bitten by mosquitoes as soon as you step outside. Some alternatives exist if you’re not a fan of aerosol bug repellant. 



Sunscreen is an important aspect of your skincare and overall health. Bringing sunscreen is a given, but sometimes you need a reminder to throw it in your bag when you leave the house. I played lacrosse for 3 years and barely wore sunscreen because I couldn’t find one that didn’t have a white casting on my skin. Now there are more options, especially for people of color. 


Extra Underwear 

Having breathable underwear is necessary during hotter months. Pack items made of breathable fabrics so you won't soak in your sweat. Also, carry extra underwear to prevent bacteria growth from sitting in a wet bathing suit all day. 


Reusable Water Bottle 

Water is one thing I neglect to drink when I’m on vacation. I bring a large water bottle to fill up at any restaurant or the nearest water bottle refill station. I no longer have access to my filtered water dispenser at home anymore, and I’d rather not spend $5 on a water bottle. 



Sunglasses are must have no matter what season it is. They’re basically sunscreen for your eyes. When packing for your trip, bring your favorite sunglasses, or if you’re like me, bring 5 different pairs that match every outfit. 


Beach Towel

I’m notorious for leaving my beach towel at home. Bring a couple of towels with you so you can have something to dry you off if you’re going to the beach or pool. Some pools provide towels, but it’s always nice to have your own, so don’t forget to add this to your summer packing list.




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